‘Pay It Forward’ is working in the real world

A few years ago I wrote a blog post about the movie ‘Pay It Forward’. I asked what would happen if people actually started trying to do that in real life. I tried for a while to get a

group of people together to go out and do things for others. It was a lot of fun and we did some pretty great stuff over the next few months. Life happened and the group we had all moved away and kind of lost touch. That was the start and finish of my attempt to get Tulsa/Broken Arrow to ‘Pay It Forward’. There is a city that has had a lot more success that we had over the long run. This city is now being called by some “The Kindest City in the World.”


Winnipeg is that city. I ran across an article Winnipeg’s Residents Pay It Forward and I had to stop and read it. What I found was pretty awesome. The movement seems to be taking the city by storm. Here is a short portion of that article:

“Last month, we reported the story of a kindhearted bus driver who took off his own shoes to give to a homeless man on the street one cold morning.

Recipients of other random acts of kindness have taken to writing in to the Winnipeg Free Press to share their experiences.

“I would like to thank all the kind people who stopped to help me recently when my car was rear-ended,” Paul Chute wrote. “I am especially grateful to an off-duty paramedic who came to my rescue and made sure I was okay and stayed with me until the ambulance arrived.”

These aren’t the only stories, they just keep coming. They started a Facebook event called, “Winnipeg Pay it Forward Day” and if you scroll through there you will see even more stories of people doing nice things for others simply to be nice. No one is getting paid, no one is getting recognition, it is just being nice because it is the right thing to do.

What if this happened in the town your live in right now? What would it look like if we were doing nice things just because we wanted to do nice things? It is a challenge to me to step outside of my normal routine and do something for someone else. Why not start today where you live? It is not going to hurt anything. If it doesn’t sweep through your whole city (like it is in Winnipeg) then at least a few people will have smiles on their faces that might not have had a smile before. It doesn’t take much to change someones life. That goes for positive and negative change. I think you should try to make someone smile today.


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