What legacy will you leave behind? Start now!

One day your life will end. A movie quote that always brings me back to earth is “On a long enough timelinethe life expectancy of everyone drops to zero.” We all live our lives like we will live forever. We ‘know’ that we won’t, but we secretly hope that we will be the one person who keeps on going. Science will make a breakthrough that will let us live forever! If we are honest with ourselves we know this is simply not the case. So what will you leave behind when you are gone? What will people remember about you? I ran across an article that gave me a link to a website about one man’s legacy.

His name was Aaron Collins and I didn’t know him. I also don’t know his family, but what he left in his will is something that has impacted people more than he probably ever imagined it would. Here is what is on the first page of the website:

Aaron passed away July 7, 2012 just 3 weeks after his 30th birthday.  He left us a will full of his personality. He asked that any debt he owed his parents be repaid should he have money in the bank at his death, but also had the following request:

“Third, leave an awesome tip (and I don’t mean 25%. I mean $500 on a f***ing pizza) for a waiter or waitress.”

Of course, the way he lived his life meant Aaron never had much and didn’t leave much.  We want to make his wish come true. So we are asking for donations to make this happen for him. Any money donated will go directly to this cause.  His hope was clearly that such a random gift of kindness would leave an impact for life.

Once we have $500 his family will go to dinner somewhere and leave it as a gift for the waiter or waitress.  If we continue to receive money, we will continue giving these gifts randomly, so that in his death he can touch the lives of many more people than he had even dreamed of doing in life.

If you can’t donate then please give a generous tip on your own.  Tell the waiter or waitress why, or don’t.  He would still be happy that you had done it.  Give them this website address if you’d like, or write it on the check, so they know they received the gift because of my brother.

The third thing on his list was to do something kind for people that he didn’t know. Here is the video of the first person that his family was able to give a $500 tip:

The most recent stat that is given is that they have received $57,000 in donations! That is 114 people who will now receive a $500 tip because Aaron thought it would be cool to put in his will. His death is a tragedy. No one should die at 30 years old, that is not a long enough life…but he was thinking ahead. He wanted to make a difference in the lives of people. What kind of legacy are you leaving?

Click Here to go to the website and see all the videos and read the stories of people who have been impacted. After you watch them, come up with a way to do something that will impact people in a positive way. We can all make a difference, all you have to do is try.


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