Two sides to the same story…how do you see it?

It is funny to me that when it comes to politics you can have EXACTLY the same facts/event/announcement…etc. and come to two polar opposite conclusions.

This is just one more reason that I say we all see the world through our own set of glasses. The world is colored to us by our past experiences, our convictions and what we have heard or read lately that we deem to be trustworthy.

An example of this is the VP nomination that was just announced. Paul Ryan is going to be running on the Romney 2012 ticket. I normally will check in the morning to see if anything crazy happened overnight that I missed since I don’t watch a lot of TV. The top two stories in the left column were these two stories:

“Why Ryan pick won’t help Romney”

“Why Paul Ryan is the right choice” (after clicking on it I found out that the title and the actual article had different names…but it was the same idea)

I will give you one line out of each story. First the one that says Ryan won’t help: “…Ryan elevates selfishness to doctrine.”

Now a line from the one that says Ryan is the right choice: “The president has not led; Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will lead, and ultimately, they will lead us back on the path to prosperity.”

Both of these writers have witnessed the same event (the announcement that Paul Ryan will be the VP nominee) and both of them are familiar with Paul Ryan and his political past. The thing about it is that they have polar opposite reactions to the announcement. Who is right? Which one do you believe? Is either of them right? What set of glasses do you see the world through?


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